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South'n Boot-Scooters - Dion Thomas
Sunshine Coast Country Girls
Lonestar Linedance Connections - Bill Larson
Marcoola Beach Line Dance Union - Reggie DeVere
Runaround Sioux - Sue Butcher, Leon Butcher
Apache Rebels - Ray Grima, Sin Grima
Big John's Bootscooting World - John Corich
Bootscootin' Travel Club
Boots 'n' Us - Margaret Murphy
Brett Jenkins
Brumby Linedancers - Chris Thomas
Tamworth Rage Page (line dance schedule for the festival)
CountryVicBootscooters - Bob Parmenter, Mary Parmenter
John Bishop
Dallas Line Dancers
Gordon Elliot
Dancing Fillies - Phyllis Brown
Dare 2 Dance Tamworth - Chris Watson
Diamonds 'n Denim Linedancing - Diane Andrews
Hastings United Bootscooters - Di Roods
Dubbo Macquarie Linedancers
Line Boots - Rosalie Mackay
Australian Line Dance Festival
Northern Riders - Jennifer Hughes, Liz Barned
Gone Country Promotions
Holiday Coast Bootscooters - Robyn Ward
Dancin' Down Under
Outback Outlaws
Lassoo Line Dance
LineDance With Liz Collett
Linedancewa - Sue Wiseman
CQ Linedancing - Tom Wells
LDAA - Line Dance Association Of Australia
Valley Jade Bootscooters- home of all the teachers in the Latrobe Valley
M.A.T.I.L.D.A. - national organization of line dancers
Jan Wyllie - featured for its amazing variety of dances and CDs
Line Dance Stephen Paterson
PJ's Bootscooters
Ree's Rebels - Ree Patterson
Southern Cross Dancers - Tracie Lee, Mark Simpkin
Northside Linedancers - Carl Sullivan
Rawhide Bootscooters - Dennis & Verity
Renegade Linedancers - Lorraine Wallace
One Liner Bootscooters - Linda Burgess
Inline Dancers - June Solah
rJim Watt's Choreography
Western Sydney Bootscootin' - David Powell
Riverwood Linedancers - Barbara Hile
City Slickers - Iain & Lyn Booth
St George Line Dancers
Steppin All Over magazine
Linedancers - Trent Duncan
Bev & Philip Osmond
Loy Line Dancing - Zen Loy, SooHeng Loy
Jeff's South Australian Linedancing & Country
Noel Bradey, Michael Vera-Lobos

Millquarter Linedancers - Annemarie und Toni
Old Mississippi Country Club Austria
CMC Nashville Eagles
Vorarlberger Country Freunde
Country und Line Dance Freunde Kapurn
The First Original Woodquarter Line Dancer

Allius Country Dancers
Wild Horses Country Dancers
Dizzy Line Dancers
Belgian Country & Western Association
Limburg Country
The Black Hills Country Dancers
The Pride of Texas Country Dancers
The Spur Dancers
The Geronimo's Friends & The Black Shadows Country Dancers
The Country Friends
The Lucky Men Country Dancers

Bill Bader
Blazing Boots Canada
Country Connexion
Let's Dance - Robert Fielder
Norman Dery
Répertoire Country Amé
Country Beat
Country Danse Mag - Lucie Boisvert et Robert Martineau
Winnie Yu
Marg Jones
Jenifer Wolf, Larry Wolf
Deb and Tom Selzler
Irene Groundwater
Judy McDonald
Carmen Mah
Hors-la-Loi du Faubourg
Bev Senft
Ember Schira
Sharon Gordon
Michele Perron & Brian Bull
New Attitude Line Dance Company - Sue Hall
Chance To Dance - Carole Daugherty
Pijo Country Pop
Rick Tippe
Stay-In-Line - Vivienne Scott
The Great Big Party - Adele Plantamura
The North Rocks for Charity - Anita McNab
Dancing in Ottawa and the Valley- Johanne Klein
Dance With Michele - Michele Gilliland

Buffalo Bill Linedance
Fjordholmens Country Line Dancers
Fjordholmens Line Dancers
Cuben Linedance
Svendborg Line Dancers
Helsinge Linedancere
Henny and Preben Klitgaard's
Boots All Over
LN Dance
Lunatic Cowboys
The Outlaws
Wild West Line Dance

Estonian Line Dancing
Foorum for Estonian line dancing
Saaremaa Linedance
Saku Linedancers
Lucky Hearts

Country Lines
Pirkanmaan Linedancers
Western Dancers
Country Heels & Toes
North-Hill Country Dancers

general information
La country dans les Vosges
La Country en Alsace
Connexion Country
Eagle Stars
Country Lively Partners
Les Lucky Dancers d'Obersaasheim
Massalia Blue Star - Marseille
On The Dance Floor
Speed Irene
Step’n Slide Country Dance
TM DANCE Country St Mé

Enrico Adler
Bald Eagle Line Dancers
Buffalo Country Dance Club
Country Liners Winterberg
Crazy Boots
Crazy Legs Linedancer - Munich
Elbvalley Dancers Dresden
Die Forty Fours Sindelfingen
Get In Line
Green Haardt Dancers
Harlingtown Linedancer
InCahoots - Berlin
Linedance Stompers
Line Dance Crazy
Munich Lads
Nashville Line Dancers Aalen
Smoking Boots Liners
Wild Horses

Görög Csaba

Danshopurinn Mani Hornafirdi
Óli Geir

Linedance Association of Ireland
Michael O'Shea
Lisa Mooney
WDAI Western Dance

Happy Country Dancing
Higehachi no Sekai
Nagoya Crazy Feet
Japan Line Dance Association
Australia Linedance
Dancing Texas
Japan Country Western Dance
Miko Muraguchi
Club HOWDY Country Dancers
Farly's Note
BokerTov Boots & Hat

Wild Dance
Jautrie zabacini ("Crazy Boots")
Deju klubs JITTERBUG (Jitterbug Line Dance Club)
Kickin' Stars
Dreamers linij dejas klubs


Fun Stompers
Mutiara Line Dancers
Stepsheets In Motion
Pearl Of The Orient

Amazing Eagles
Arizona Dancers - Musselkanaal
Arizona Rednecks
Bullit Country info page
Country Border Dancers
The Common Country Dancers
Line-dance Nationaal
Paul Scheelings
Dancing Boots Veldhoven
Double KK
Astardancers, Elden
Tulsa Bootscooters
Lucky Line Dancers
Locomotion Haaksbergen
Gumtree Country
Indiana Country Dancers
Royal Line Dancers Eindhoven
Eindhoven Stetsons
Mill Corner Line Dancers
Our House Country Dancers Eindhoven
The Country Outback
Roy Verdonk
The Free Spirit Dancers
The Spur Dancers
Double YouB Line Dancers

Cathedral City Line Dancers
New Zealand Line Dancing
The Beat magazine
Lance Marr

Rock Back Dancers
Skreien Line Dance Club
Dans i 100 festival
Loose Boots Norge
Montana Linedancers
With Kelli - Kelli Haugen
Kristiansand Linedancers
Norwegian Linedance Festival
Norwegian Linedance Management
Crazy Pony Linedancers
Dizzyland Linedancers
Norwegian C/W Dance Assosiation
Aust-Agder Linedancers
Askim Line Dancers
Crossroad Linedancers
Nesodden danse- og Linedanceklubb
Out and About
Skedsmo Western Club
Skreien Line Dance Club
The Lucky Ones - As Linedancers
Trøndelag Danseklubb
Valdres Kaabbaay Klubb
Western Line Dancers
Western Way

Amy Christian
Line Dance Fun + Aranda Country Club
Country Line Dance Association of Singapore
Dance Singapore
A&H Line Dancing
Golden Boots
J & P Line Dancing
Tennessee Tornadoes
Wild Frontier
LineDance Society Singapore
Singapore Stompers
Silver Spurs
Wild Kickers & Stompers
Yipee - Peter Ng and Lim Ee Lin

KZN Line Dancing
JK Dance Studio
Bee Line
Boots & Hats Charity Line Dancers
Mavericks Line Dancing School

BallsCountry (Country Dancing)
Catalan Line Dance and Country Dancing
Country Jukebox
CountryCat Linedance
CountryCat Blog
Countrilandia Spanish Honky Tonk Bar Assoc.
Country & Line Dance Association of Spain
Line Dance Spain
Line-Dance Olympiad (Majorca)
Steven J. Towers Julie's Line Dance lessons

Landskrona Westcoast LineDancers
LineDance 4 U
Trelleborg's Country Line Dancers
Bootstompers Line Dance Umeaa
Tombstone Shadow Country & Western Club
Astu Stompers Linedance Gotland
Double Trouble
Cactus Kickin' Line Dancers Strängnäs
Country Linedancing Helsingborg
The Country Line Dancing Team
Swedala Burn Valley Line Dancers
RoMa Linedancing
Saloon Crew Line Dance Helsingborg
Söderhamns Line Dancers
Kicking Bulls Linedancers
The Urban Cowboys
Controbic Club Malmö
Y'town Line Dancers Ystad
KFUM Frontline Country Dancers
Wermlands Country Linedancers
Lineup Linedance (Göteborg)
SHSD - Linedancers and Squaredancers
Horse Show Line Dance
Vinga Rockers Linedance (Göteborg)

Country Club SenSee
DAV Country Dance Geneva
Country Bears / Wine County Rebels
Line Dance Country Club Col-des-Roches
Country Riviera Line Dance
CowCountry Rangers
Dreamcatcher Country Dance
Funky Grizzly L.D.C.
Country Western & Linedance
Highvalley Linedancers
New Country Smokin' Boots
Rising Moon CW Dance Club
Red Nose Liners
Rodeo Line Dancers
Swiss Country Western Dance

International Line Dance Association of Taipei

United Kingdom
5-6-7-8 Linedancing
Rob Fowler
The Rustlers CWD Club
Arjjaze C/W Dancers
Jill McBride
Banners And Boots
Bear Essentials
Best Of Friends Line Dance Club
Bidds Country Music Club
Big Dave Gastap
Boots And Boogie Line Dance Club
Borderlines dance club
British Western Dance Association 2000
Bute Linedance Festival
Calgary Stampede
Cheyenne Western Dancing
Chris Hodgson
Sheffield City Liners
Copper Knob
David Cowling
Charlestown Stompers
Linsey's Linedance Sheets
John Walton
Dixie Liners
Linedancing Links
free line dance lessons for kids
Dynamite Dot
East Stompers
Line Dance Bulletin Board
Bucking Broncos
Vine Online
Funky Country UK
Gary Lafferty
Burning Boots Linedancers
Silver Star Western Dance Club
Cochise Corral
Tiny Dancer Records
Lynne Schapiro
John Grrowler
Have Fun Go Mad
Heroes And Villains
W.D.C. Tushpushers Cardiff
SF Country
Lines And Bears
Indian Outlaws Line Dance
Boots N Blisters
The Katz
The Screaming Eagles
Elle Jay
Ian & Jan's Jetsets Linedance
Just Dance It
Lassoes Line Dance
Line Dance Standards
Oaklands Academy of Line Dance
Life's A Dance Line Dance Club Surrey
Yellow Rose LDC
Honky Tonk Jukebox
Karen Jones
Line Dance Mall
Line Dance Lessons
Scoot'n Boogie Line Dance Club
Linedancing Events
Lone Eagle WDC
Linedancing With Lynne Schapiro
Liz Clarke
Maggie Gallagher
Marie Curie Cancer Care charity event
Masters In Line
Caley’s Country
Midland Mavericks
Footloose Line Dancers
Bravestarr American Line Dancing Club
Nice 'n' Easy Linedancing Club
Oat Kake Corral
Owzit Start
The Thin Blue Liners
Renegade Ranch
Rob and Lisa's Linedancing
Rompin' Rodeo
Route 66
Sidewinders western line and couples dancing
Silver Star LDC
Anita Sneesby & the Star Sundowners
Steps 'n' Stetsons
Stetson Strollers
Stomp 'n' Strut
Straycat Dance On-line
Superstar Productions
Sussex Line Dance, Breakaways Line Dance Club
The Ryes
Teresa and Vera
The Dance Studio
The Centre Liners
The Dance Factory
Line Dancing in the Leeds Area
The Stetsons
Tulsa Shuffle Line Dance Club
member's site for The Viking Club
Linsey's site for The Viking
Wave Liners
Swing City Line
Nashville Nites Line Dance Club
Steve Mason
Western Showcase Linedance
West 'N' Dance

United States Of America
381 Productions
5678 Fun
X-treme Dance Force
C. D. Express
Arizona Line Dance
Arizona Body & Dance
Barry Amato
Big Apple Ranch
Brandin' Iron Dance Festival
Big Dre Productions
Bill Country Stompers
Blackberry Creek Dancers
Bootscooters Dance Hall
Boots 'n' Buckles
Bronco Jim
Brian McWherter
Cactus Corners
Dawn Malek
cChicago Country + Rockin' Country
Cimarron Dance Club
The Cimarron Country Dancers
CJ's Country Dance Instruction
Cleveland Line Dancing
Colorado Café
Country Calendar magazine
Michelle's Website
Capitol Country Dancin'
Country Edge
Roxanne & Shannon Moore
Country Hustlers Dance Club
Country Mavericks
Country Plus
Country Quicksteppers
Honky Tonkin’
dance info and resources
Hedy McAdams
Judy Goutierrez
H. Leon Raper
Rob I Ingenthron
Dance With Me
Northeast Wisconsin Country Dance Page
Dance-n-Dean Line Dancing
Mel Branham
Karen Hedges
Michael Diven
DDM Productions
Millie and The Gang
Do The Dance One More Time
Linus Ellis
Jack Hassett, Mary Jane Hassett
Flamin' Country Dance Club
Funk'n line
Funtime Line Dancers
The Dance Ranch
Nancy Morgan
Kevin Winn + Mary Winn
Fun Country Boot Scooters
Contemporary Country Line Dancers
Iroquois Country Dancers
Dawn Synder
Line Dancing With Patricia
Steve Hart
Steppin' Back To Country
Country Dancing In Ohio
Gene Morrill
Gon' Dancin
Harvey Cameron
Helen and Nita's Line Dancing
Henry Costa
Southern California Line Dancin'
Hillbilly Rick Meyers
One Step At A Time
Heart and Soul Line Dance
Hawaii Line Dance Wave + Kilauea Stompers
Erin's Country Dancing
Information Super Dance Floor
Tony Wilson
Karen Hedges
Lana Harvey Wilson
Harry Brooks + Susan Brooks
Goodman Groove R&B/Soul Line Dancing
Netty Annette Mesa
Lyn Dancn Club
Dancin' Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Sherry Palencia
Dance!!!!!! Newsletter
Honky Tonk Stompers
Hooked On Country Dancin'
Jeremy Oldham + Jodee Shadinger
James Gregory + Jean Garr
Jim Adams + Diann Adams
Joanne Brady
Joan Price
Johnny Montana
Jo Thompson
KC Douglas
Michigan Ohio Kountry Kickers
Line Dance in Lake County with Shari Koch
Los Angeles Premier Dance Classic
Learn 2 Line Dance 4 Fun
Coastside Kickers
Let's Dance Again
Line Dance International
Line Dance Fun
Love 2 Dance
Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi
Basically Country
Sharon Ross, Dan Ross
Up Country
Southern California Line Dancing / Orange County Dancin' Country
Monnie's Country Dancing Corner
Michael Barr, Michele Burton
Mike Bendavid
The Mishnock Barn
Moon Dance Retreat
Move In Line
John Robinson
Country Knight Dancers
Mutiny On The Dance Floor
Steve's Country Western Line Dancing
Line dancing in New Hampshire
Cindy Youngblood
National Soul Line Dance Associations
OnlineDancing - video instruction
Line Country & Western Dance
Kathy Sharpe
Bill McGee
Chance To Dance
Palm Springs
Jackie Parish + Dale Parish
Perry's Place Featured site for ordering cd's
Cowboy's Corral
Pure Country
Ramblin' Country
Hot Pepper, Pedro Machado
Rick & Deborah Bates
Rita's Country Kickers
Line Up, It's Time To Dance
Ronnie Beard cd’s
Saguaro Strutters
Scooter Lee cd's and others
Scott Schrank
San Diego 'N' Line Dancers
Philadelphia R&B/Soul Line Dancing
Soul Line TV Show
Steppin Out Productions
Tennessee Twisters
Pat and Bob Crossman
The Dancing Cowboy
Goodman's Groove Line Dance
Time To Dance
Tim Gillis line dance events
TMS Dancer
New England Line Dance Resource
Lana Harvey Wilson and Tony Wilson
U Can Line Dance
Maggie Green
Jeannie Hall
Joanne Hayden-Wiseman
Wild Horses
Wild Rider Dance Studio

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