Wrong Night

Count: 64 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate
Choreographer: Per Mikkelsen, Marshals Linedancer, (DK) Marts 2012
Music: Wrong Night by Reba McEntire

Sektion 1: Vine left touch, step turn step touch.
1 4 Step L. to left cross R. behind, step L. to left, touch right together
5 8 Step R. forward turn left, step forward on R. and touch left together

Sektion 2: Heel hook x 2, stomp fane twist heels and toes left.

1 4 Touch L. heel diagonally forward and hook x 2
5 8 Stomp L. forward, fane L. toe to left, twist both heels and toes to left

Sektion 3: Vine right touch, step turn step touch.

1 4 Step R. to right cross L. behind, step R. to right, touch left together
5 8 Step L. forward turn right, step forward on L. and touch right together

Sektion 4: Heel hook x2, stomp fane twist heels and toes right

1 4 Touch R. heel diagonally forward and hook x 2
5 8 Stomp R. forward, fane R. toe to right, twist both heel and toes to right

Sektion 5: Jazz box , heel bounce, coaster

1 4 Cross R. in front of L. step left back, step R. to right, step L. together
&5-6 Point R. toe diagonal forward, bounce R. heel in floor 2 x,
7&8 Step R. back, Step left back, step R. forward

Sektion 6: Heel bounce, coaster, point cross unwind hold

& 1 2 Point L. toe diagonal forward, bounce left heel in floor 2 x,
3&4 Step L. back ,step R. back, step L. forward
5 8 Point R. toe to right, cross R. toe behind left, turn right, hold

Sektion 7: forward shuffle, step turn, shuffle turn, coaster

1&2, 34 Step L. forward, R. together, L. forward, step R. forward turn left.
5&6, 7&8 turn L. on R. L. R. step back on L. R. step forward on L.

Sektion 8: Heel ball step x2, rock and shuffle turn

1&2, 3&4 Dig R. heel forward in floor, step R. together, step L. forward x 2
5-6, 7&8 Rock R. forward, back on L. make turn R. on R. L. R.

Tag / Restart:
After 2nd wall; Make the first 8 counts TWICE, then Restart the dance.

Ending: Make 2 x heel ball steps, 1 heel ball step and R. together

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Last Revision - 9th June 2012