Novice 32 count 2 wall
Choreograph : Sandy & Daisy
Music : How Can I Be So Thirsty/ Jerrod Niemann

Sect-1 Toe side, toe, kick, hook, kick, brush back, toe back twice
1-2 side touch R toe, touch R beside L
3-4 kick R , hook R over left
5-6 kick R, brush back R
7-8 touch R toe back twice

Sect-2 Step back, toe cross touch, step fwd, scuff, cross , unwind turn, swivel heels

1-2 step back R , cross touch L over R ( touch the hat )
3-4 step fwd L , scuff R
5-6 cross R over L, turn unwind L
7-8 swivel both heels to R , back to center

Sect-3 Rock back jump, stomp, toe side, turn, step fwd, pivot turn, step side turn

1-2 Jump back rock R, recover L
3-4 stomp R beside L, touch side R toe
5-6 turn R, step fwd L
7-8 turn R, step left to left making turn

Sect-4 cross, step side, step fwd, pivot turn, stomp, hold, hitch turn, stomp, hold

1-2 cross R behind L, step L to L
3-4 step fwd R, turn L
5-6 stomp R beside L, hold
& 7-8 hitch turn L, stomp L beside R, hold

Restart at 5 wall , sect -4, count 4.