Singing A Song

56 Count, 4 Wall, Intermediate, Two Step
Choreographer: Liselotte Tolsgaard (DK) Sept 2008
Choreographed to: This Is The Life by Amy Macdonald CD: This Is The Life

Toe heel Toe, Hold, Slow coaster step, hold
1-2 Point right toe in to left (heel rasised) Straighten right leg and dig heel forward
3-4 Point right toe in to left and. hold
5-6 Step back on right step left beside right
7-8 Step forward on right hold

Lock step forward, hold and mambo steep, hold
1-2 Step forward on left lock left behind right
3-4 Step forward on left. hold
5-6 Rock right forward, recover on left.
7-8 Step right beside left hold.

Lock step back left, hold. Lock step back right, hold
1-2 Step left back. Cross right over left.
3-4 Step left back .hold

Note: 1, 2, 3 (4 hold) Body angled slightly to right.
5-6 Step right back. Cross left over right.
7-8 Step right back, hold

Note: 4, 5, 6, (8 hold) Body angled slightly to left.

Slow Sailor ¼ left, and Kick ball cross
1-2 Cross left behind right step ¼ left (9.00)
3-4 Step forward on left hold
5-6 Kick right forward step right beside left
7-8 Cross left over right hold

Side rock cross, hold, Side rock cross, hold
1-2 Rock right to right side. recover onto left
2-3 Cross right over left hold
4-5 Rock left to left side recover onto right
6-7 Cross left over right. hold

Step turn step forward ½ left, Step turn step forward ½ right
1-2 Step turn step forward ½ weight on left (9.00)
3-4 Step right forward hold ‘clap
5-6 Step turn step left ½ weight on right forward (3.00)
7-8 Step left forward. hold ‘clap

Syncopated Toe and Heel Touches.
1& Touch right toe to right side. Step right beside left
2& Touch left toe to left side. Step left beside right
3& Touch right heel forward. Step right beside left
4& Touch left heel forward. Step left beside right

Walk x 2, Kick, Out, Out
1-2 Walk forward right. Walk forward left
3&4 Kick right forward. Step right slightly to right. Step left slightly to left

1. after section 4 on wall 4 ( 3.00 )
2. In section 8 on wall 1 (12.00)
There is a break on wall 1 after walk x 2(12.00) you stand still 5 count then restart the
dance (sleep tonight)

You are on wall 1 (12.00) after section 3 you make another left back lock step ‘right back
lock step’then
step left beside right ’’The dance is finish .