Jack Built A House

Count: 36 Wall: 4 Level: Improver
Choreographer: Per Mikkelsen, Marshals Linedancer, (DK). Dec 2012
Music: Livin in the House that Jack Built by Adam Harvey

Intro: 36 Count, country

Sektion 1: Vine right Scuff, forward rock, turn left
1 -- 4 Step R. to R. Cross L. behind R, step R. to R. scuff left forward
5 -- 8 Rock L. forward, recover on R. half turn L. on left, scuff R.

Sektion 2: Right look step forward, left look step forward

1 -- 4 Step R. forward, lock L. behind R. step R. forward, scuff
5 -- 8 Step L. forward, lock R. behind L. step L. forward, scuff

Sektion 3: Vine right, Hell jack

1 -- 4 Step R. to R. cross L. behind R. step R. to R. touch L. next to R.
5 -- 8 step diagonal back on L. touch R. heel diagonal in front, step R. back in place, touch L. next to R.

Sektion 4: vine left 1/4 turn, Heel jack

1 -- 4 Step L. to left, cross R. behind left, step L. to left with 1/4 turn left, touch R. together.
5 -- 8 step diagonal back on R. touch L. heel diagonal in front, left together and stomp R. beside left

Sektion 5: Swivel left & right

1 -- 2 Stand on R. heel and L. toe, turn left heel to L. and R. toe to R. and back to center
3 -- 4 Stand on L. heel and R. toe, turn R. heel to R. and L. toe to L, and back to center

# Ending: Dance the last wall to the end.
1 -- 4 R. vine with 1/4 right, touch L. next to right
5 -- 8 step back on left touch R. heel in front, (tip the hat ) R. together stomp left together.( let go hand from hat)

Keep It Country, Dance, And Have Fun

Contact: dieseldoktor@privat.dk