Diamon Dixie

2 walls, 32 Counts, Easy beginner
Choreographer: Susanne Mose Nielsen
Music: No More by Ann Taylor – Album “Come On”
142 BPM (20 count intro)
I Love My Louisiana Man by Scooter Lee – Album “ More of the best”
148 BPM

1. Section: Heel splits x2, heel touches r,l
1-2 Split heels, together
3-4 Split heels, together
   5 Touch right heel diagonally right
   6 Step right next to left
   7 Touch left heel diagonally left
   8 Step left next to right

2. Section: Heel split x2, heel touches r,l
2-16 Repeat 1-8

3. Section: ¼ turn r, touch, ¼ turn l, touch,step, touch x2, r,l
17 Step right ¼ turn right
18 Touch left next to right
19Step left ¼ turn left
20 Touch right next to left
21 Step diagonally right on right
22 Touch left next to right
23 Step diagonally left on left
24 Touch right next to left

4. Section: Step, hold, military left, hold, stomp x4
25 Step forward on right
26 Hold, clap in hight of knees
27 Military ½ turn left (ends weight on left)
28 Hold, clap in hight og face
29-32 Stomp slightly forward r, l, r, l

Begin again and have fun!