Danse Alternativ
101 Diamond Dixie
@ The Hop Crazy Foot Mambo - T.L.C.
1-2-3-4 Diamond Dixie
A Gigolo Gigolo - Cowgirls Twist
A hero lies in you Bubbly smooth – With these eyes
A Memory Kill The Spiders
Ain't Got No Money Alfie - Get Down Get Funky
Alabama Slammin Bama slam
All Day Long Country 2 Step - Ribbon Of Highway - Forever And Ever - Cowgirl's Twist – Diamond Dixie
All Night Long Crusin' - Buy Me A Rose - Country 2 Step
All Over Again Come Dance With Me - Sweetly Smiles
All That I am First Waltz
All The Way Survivor - Whole Again – Black Coffee
All You Need Stroll Along
Am I Rumba delight – Enchantement – Your World -
AM to PM A little crazy – whole again – A little southern comfort
Amame Cha Cha With Me – Stroll along cha cha - Love me, Love me
Amor De Hielo Live, Laugh, Love - Sweet Nothing – Viva la vida – Clocks – On the shelf -
An Old Hippie Chica Boom Boom
Angel She believes – Elton tonight
Another Good Reason Maybe I Could - Back To Louisiana
Any Way Rose Garden – Back To Louisiana
Are We Human Human Dancer -
Ashes Of Love  Ashes Of Love - Cold As Ice
At The Hop Stitch It Up
Atomik Polka  Cowboy Boogie
Automatic Guarantee Bosa Nova
Baby Doll Waltz 456 Waltz - Got You Too ect.
Baby Jane Avenuen
Back To Louisiana Anyway - Lindi Shuffle - Diamond Dixie
Bad Bad Leary Brown Forever And Ever
Bad Influence The Kinser Influence - Duck Soup
Bad Moon On The Rise Ribbon Of Highway
Be Strong Tush Push - Rockin' - Love To Trust – Black Coffee – Come Dance With Me
Beep Beep It
Beer For My Horses The Freeze
Beethoven's Boogie Start Easy - Sko Og Støvler
Before The Devil Hickory Lake - Leaving Of Liverpool - Ridin' – Kill The Spiders – Cockadoodle – Irish Stew - Wakira
Bella Bella (Cato) Bella Bella (kate)
Big Blue Note Ruby Baby - Rockin - Stroll Along Cha Cha
Big Girls Big Girls Boogie
Big Girls Boogie Puttin´on the style – Don´t you wish
Black Coffee Lindi Shuffle - Whole Again
Black Horse Black Pony - Irish Stew
Blurred Lines Mamma Maria
Body Cha El bodeguero – Be strong – Just a kiss
Body In Motion Pretend
Bodyguard Alfie – Come dance with me
Bomshel Stomp Ghost Train – Coastin´
Bosa Nova Ribbon Of Highway - Mini Mariana – Honky Tonk Stomp – Broken Heart – Nimby – Sam Cookes - Cowgirls Twist - T.L.C
Bounce Get Down Get Funky – Misleading
Boyfriend Of The Year Mojo Rhythm - Little Rhumba
Boys Will Be Boys Just A Minute - East To West
Bread On The Table  Speak To The Sky
Broken Heart  East To West – My Heart - Jái Du Boogie - Busstop - It’s Up To You
Brokenheartsville Crusin'
Bud Wiser Travelin' Music - Broken Heart
Burning Lady (restart på væg 3, count 19) – She believes (restart på væg 3, count 19)
Burning Love The Lilt
Buttons Charanga
Buy Me A Drink Ribbon Of Highway – Long Gone
Bye Bye Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll
Cabo San Lucas First Cha
Can't Get Involved Cowboy Boogie
Can't Stop Loving You Black Coffee - Sweetly Smiles - Irish Stew – Ice Breaker - My Girl Sally
Catch The Rain Come Dance With Me – P&D Polka – Ridin´ - Pot of gold - Leaving Of Liverpool - Little Red Book
Caught In The Act Tush Push – Lindi Shuffle
Celtic Tribute Dancing Violins (Udelad Bridge)
Cha Cha Tonight Loverboy – Make it up – It´s up to you
Cha cha with me Live laugh love – On the shelf – Body cha
Charanga Hearts & Flowers – Firecracker – Sex on the beach – Crazy foot mambo - Ballay’s Mambo – Mamas Perls -
Cherokee Boogie The Lasso
Cherry Poppin Cowgirl Twist – Eye Candy
Chica Boom Boom Turn Me Loose
Chiky Latino Vertical Expressions
Chill Factor Ice Breaker - Whole Again - The Freeze
Circus Ringleader
Clickety Clack TLC
Closer Mamas Pearls - Roughcut
Coastin´ Irish Stew - Pot Of Gold
Cobra Leave It Up - Sweet Sweet Smile
Cockadoodle P & D Polka – Oh Suzannah -
Come Dance With Me D.H.S.S. – Diamond Dixie – Blue California – Be Strong - Avenuen
Come On And Dance Aint Got No Money
Coochie Bang Bang EZ Kiss - Hearts & Flowers m/ restart!
Corina Kicks Copperhead – Living Next Door To Alice - The world
Cotton Pickin´Morning Side By Side
Country 2 step Forever And Ever
Country Auction Grundy gallop
Country Walking Picnic Polka
County Line Cha Cha  Leaving Of Liverpool
Cow Boogie How long – Stitch it up – Prison break - Diamond Dixie
Cowgirls And Switches She believes – inside out
Crazy Foot Mambo Long Gone – Wave on wave – Top of the world – Mini Mariana – Madiba Mambo - T.L.C - @ The Hop
Cruisin Stroll Along Cha Cha
Cry Me Out Heart Of An Angel (eller anden hurtig vals på 48 counts)
Cry To Me Rebel amor – Now or never – On The Shelf – Simplemente -
Crystal Clear Sweetly smiles (no tag) - Amame
Cuban Kiss Mini Cuban Kiss
Cute! Cute! Cute!  The Freeze - Take These Chains
Daddy Pays My Bill Side By Side - Diamond Dixie
Dance Like You´re The Only One After dark – Shapin´up – Top of the world
Dancing Violins Celtic Tribute (no bridge)
Dangerous Mini Mariana - Back To Louisianna
Deeply Completely Simplicty Waltz – Waltz Across Texas – First Waltz – Heart of an Angel -
Destiny You´re my destiny – Hickory Lake
Devil´s Beat Forever and ever – 123 Get your feet down
Devil´s Shadow Speak To The Sky
Diamond Dixie Louisiana Swing
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo Hearts And Flowers - Don't Be Stupid - Cheeky Charlston
Do You Really Rose Garden – Kill The Spiders – Cute! Cute! Cute! -
Doctor, Doctor Just For Grins – Bad Bad Leroy Brown – Skiff A Billy – Honky Tonk Stomp
Doctor´s Orders Travellin music – Bread on the table – T.L.C - My Girl Sally
Don't Disturb Me Something In The Water
Don't Feel Like Dancing Irish Stew
Don't Feel Like Dancing  Irish Stew - I Like Dancin'
Don´t Drop Your Cha Laid back n low key – Bam-a-lam – Body cha
Done And Dusted Scrap It
Donegan's Reel County Line Cha Cha - Stroll Along Cha Cha - Crusin'
Doors Of Life Waltz Across Texas – Simplicity Waltz -
Dreams Of Deceit Stroll Along Cha Cha - Simply Cha Cha
Duck Soup Travellin Music – On a Good Night - Skiffer Billy
Eagles Rock How Long
East To West  Any Way – Rock This Party – Living Next Door To Alice – Bosa Nova
Elliot's Dream Cowgirls' Twist – Cherokee Boogie
Everybody Dance Be brave – All the way – Wild wild west
Everybody's Someone Someday – If Tomorrow Never Comes - Come Dance With Me
Explicit Lookin' @ you
Eye Candy Cherry Poppin´ - Suds in the bucket – Maybe I could
Feed The Fetish Get down get funky – On the water
Feel With these eyes – I believe – Come tomorrow(no restarts) -
Feel Like A Fool Got You Too – First waltz – Open arms(no tags) – First to let go
Feel Right Honky Tonk Stomp
Feeling Kinda Lonely Can't Stop Loving You
Fire On Ice All over again – Some beach – Town of hope and memories - Irish Stew – Why This Kiss – Laid Back’n Low Key
Firecracker Lindi Shuffle -
Footprints In The Sand I believe – Good morning beautiful
Forever And Ever Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Freekydeeky Leave It Up
Friends Cute! Cute! Cute! -
Full House(The Gambler) Mini Mariana – Living Next Door To Alice - Sweet Sweet Smile
Galway Girls My Girl Sally
Gangsta´s Paradise I am afraid – Love is alive – Elton tonight
Get Down Get Funky Bounce
Get Your Feet Down Thanks A Lot - Cowgirls Twist - Ruby Baby
Ghost Train Trail Of Tears – Come Dance With Me - Zorba's Dance - LCD - Chill Factor
Girl's Night Out  Try This One – Stitch It Up
Go Greased Lightning Lindi Shuffle
Go Mama Go Diamond Dixie - Suds In The Bucket - Honky Tonk stomp
Going On Diamond Dixie
Got You Too Rita's Waltz - Captured
Gotta Hitch Ain't Gotta Hitch - Country 2 Step -
Grace Kelly Anyway – Pot Of Gold
Greystone Blue Note – Romance – Walk back to me
Guantanamera On The Shelf – Cry To Me -
Guardian Angel Where We´ve Been – Elton tonight – Love is alive – Sweetie -
Handsfree Every cotton pickin´mornin´ - La cumbia
Have Fun Go Mad Miller Magic – forever and ever – Gotta Hitch – Shakin Mix
Head Over Heels All over again – Now or never – Live laugh love
Headphones I kissed a girl – Alfie – Ace in the hole - Honky Tonk Stomp – My Headphones -
Heart Of An Angel First Waltz - Sundown Waltz – My next love - sorry Dear - Cry Me Out (uden tag) - Rita's Waltz - Count Four
Heartbreaker Cruisin' - Lindi Shuffle – Heartmender – You Can´t Stop Love - Mini Mariana - Whole Again
Hearts & Flowers Cowboy Charleston - Mama's Pearls - Volvo B18
Here We Go Playa – Pump it up – Have fun go mad
Hickory Lake You Can´t Stop Love
High Time TLC
Hillbilly Rock Decent Guys From Muskogee
Hold Your Horses Ice Breaker - Roughcut
Holding Back The Ocean  Side By Side - Walk Back To Me - Stroll Along cha cha
Honky Tonk Stomp Feel Right - Copperhead Road
Honky Tonk Town Good To Be Us -
Hooked Up Diamond Dixie
Hotter Than Cold Lindi Shuffle
House Is Rocking Cowboy Strut
Human Dancer Diamond Dixie
I can't be bothered Cruisin' - Tush Push - Ice Breaker
I Can't Be Bothered Ice Breaker - Cowboy Boogie - Tush Push - Cruisin'
I Held Your Hand With these eyes - One
I Kissed a girl And I liked it – Ridin´- Irish stew
I Love A Rainy Night Before The Devil - side by side
I Whis Living Next Door To Alice
I'm No Good Tennessee Waltz Surprise
I'm Yours Eye Candy - Summer Fly
Ice Breaker Hold Your Horses – Take these chains – Overnight success (no tags) - Diamond Dixie
If Tomorrow Never Comes Elton Tonight -
Insomnia Little Red Book
Irish Spirit Coastin´ - Pot of gold
Irish Stew Coastin' - Stroll Along Cha Cha – Leaving Of Liverpool -
Island In The Stream Stroll Along Cha Cha - Simply Cha Cha - Rio – Our first love – Stand by me cha – Loverboy - On My Way + Black Coffee - Lindy Shuffle
It´s Up To You Stroll Along Cha Cha – Whole Again - All you need
J'ai Du Boogie  Ghost Train – Cowgirls Twist
Jesse James She Believes - Where We've Been -
Jitterbug Cow Boogie – Ghost train - Honky Stomp
Just A Kiss Whole Again
Just A Memory Ice Breaker - Roughcut – The Lasso – Kill The Spiders - Ruby Baby - Mamas Pearls
Just Can´t Stop Back to Louisiana – Anyway – Cry for you
Just For Fun Andre Funky Danse
Just My Luck Roughcut – Living Next Door To Alice - Diamond Dixie
Just One Time Rita's Waltz
Just Wright Honky Tonk Stomp
Kill The Spiders  Living Next Door To Alice – Start Easy - No Self Control - Broken Heart - 101
Kiss Me Quick Bosa Nova
La Fayette The Lilt - Rose Garden
La Tenga Country Walking - Tush Push
Laid Back´n Low Key Living next door to Alice – After all – Back again - Take A Breather - Can't Stop Loving You - Rockin
Language Of The Heart Come Dance With Me
Larger Than Life Hearts & Flowers
Leave Me Breathless Live, Laugh, Love
Leaving Of Liverpool Self Control – Irish Stew
Lightning Polka Irish Stew
Lindi Shuffle The Freeze - To Much
Little Butterfly Crazy butterfly – Cha cha with me – Back again – Body cha
Little Red Book Come dance with me – Good time
Live, Laugh, Love Mini Mariana
Living Next Door To Alice I Wish
Lollipop Mickey Lollipop – Forever And Ever – TLC (hurtig)
Looking Good Diamond Dixie
Looser Still Turn me loose – I love a rainy night – Bada boom bada bang
Lord, I hope Summer Celebration
Louisiana Man Just My Luck
Louisiana Swing Be Strong - Before The Devil - Lindi Shuffle
Love Is In The Air Hearts And Flowers
Love Trick Diamond Dixie
Love-To-Trust Trust me – I kissed a girl - Icebreaker
Loverboy Vertical Expression
Loverboy Vertical Expression - Stroll Along Cha Cha
Madiba Mambo Crazy Foot Mambo
Magic Moon Feeling Kinda Loonely
Make My Day Rio
Mama Africa Tomorrow Never Knows
Mama Maria Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo
Mama´s Pearls Hearts And flowers - No Tricks
Mariana Mambo Mini Mariana
Mars Attack Twix
Maybe I Could Cowboy Charlston - Ghost Train - Buy Me A Drink – Cowgirls Twist - One on One
Mega Mambo Bosa nova
Mercy Honky Tonk Stomp - Any Way – Mercy Me -
Mercy Me Mercy – All over again – Live laugh love
Mickey Lollipop Lollipop
Mini Mariana Mariana Mambo
Miss Luver Mr. Luver
Miss You 2 Mony mony mony – Ani´t got no money
Mission To Please Cheatin´Love – Slippery – When I Cry
Mmwaah Lindi Shuffle
Mojo Rhythm TLC(kvik!) - Honkey Tonk Stomp - My New Life
Momma Mia Electric Slide
Mony Mony Ice Breaker
More Than A Memory Tomorrow Never Comes -
My Girl Sally Sea Salt Sally
My Greek No 1 Jyst My Luck
My Heart Broken Heart
My Kind Of Dance Rio
My Love My Next Love –Time 2 Fly -
My Mamacita Your World - Hearts And Flowers
My New Life Speak To The Sky – Maybe I Could - Lindi Shuffle - Bop The B2
My Next Love My love – Heart of an angel
My Veronica T.L.C. – Who did you call darlin´- My girl Sally - Little Rumba
Naughty But Nice Try this one? - Bosa Nova - Mamas Pearl
Nimby Rodeo Hustle – Snake Oil – Baby Nimby – Ghost Train
No Need To Rush Forever And Ever
No No Never Before The Devil
No Self Control Selfcontrol
No Tricks Stroll Along Cha Cha – Cruisin´- Mama´s pearls – On the shelf – More than life
Not Like That Mini Mariana – Sweet sweet smile
Nothing But Tail Lights Let´s Le Doux It - Slappin leather - Go Mama Go - Ghost Train
Notice The Danger Do you know – Until the end – Too deep
Old 97 Jambalaya
On The Water Get Down Get Funky - No Tricks
On The Way Captured by love – Doors of life – Wild ponies(vær opmærksom på restarts)
On Your Marks My new life – my girl Sally – Sea salt Sally
One Kings and vagabonds
One Of Those Things Rodeo Hustle
Open Heart Cowboy Come Dance With Me
Patient Heart Honky Tonk Stomp
Peaches and Cream Don´t you wish – I wish – East To West
Phenomenon Modern world – Be strong – Firecracker
Pickin´Trash Ridin´
Picknic Polka Rio
Pizziricco Stroll Along Cha - Full Circle
Playing With Fire Bad Boyz - Before The Devil - Come Dance With Me
Poetry In Motion Wanna know why – Love is alive – she believes – Lady -
Poker Face Mini Poker Face - Just For Grins - Mamma Maria
Porushka Poranya Hearts And Flowers
Pot Of Gold Coastin' – Irish Stew - Stealing the Best - Sweetly Smiles - Grundy Gallop
Pretend Honky Tonk Stomp
Pump It Up Irish stew - Headphones
Pumpin' For Love Country Walking
Puttin’ On A Style Duck Soup - Hearts And Flowers
Rain Against My Window Sweet Sweet Smile
Razor Sharp Coastin
Rebel Amor Holding Back The Ocean
Red Hot Rock´n Roller Shakin´Mix – Living Next Door To Alice – Corina kicks – Duck soup - T.L.C - Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Red Hot Salsa Stroll Along Cha Cha
Redneck Woman Streamlinin´
Replay Pon De Replay - Honky Tonk Stomp
Respect Yourself Respect Yourself A Little - Ridin´- Irish Stew
Ridin' Rose-A
Right Or Wrong The Way To Your Heart - Forever And Ever
Rio Sweetly Smiles (uden tag) – Cry To Me – On The Shelf - Strool Along Cha Cha - Before The Devil
Rita´s Waltz Evergreen Waltz - Any Waltz - Kiss Me Honey
Road Runner Speak To The Sky
Rock This Party Start Easy
Rocka Hula Flying eight(s)
Rockin´ Walk Back To Me – East to West - Stroll Along Cha Cha
Rodeo Hustle  The World - Don't Be Stupid - Tush Push
Roll Down Your Window Cockadoodle – P & D Polka -
Rollin´With The Flow Top Of The World
Romance You Can´t Stop Love
Romantasy Come Dance With Me
Roomba Honky Tonk Stomp - J Ho AB
Rosegarden Living Next Door To Alice
Ruby Baby Walkin The Line
Rule The World I want it all – Tomorrow never comes
Rumba De-Light Stroll Along Cha Cha - Love Is Alive
Saddle Up Shawty T.L.C. – A little southern comfort – Sweet sweet smile – Geek in the pink
Sailing Come Dance With Me
Sam Cookes Your World
Scandalous Pump it up – Naughty but nice - Slippery
Sea Of Heartbreak Mini Mariana
Sea Salt Sally My Girl Sally – Diamond Dixie
Self Control  Jambalaya – No Selfcontrol
Sexy Back Bounce – Pump it up
Shakatak County Line Cha Cha - Stroll Along Cha Cha - Crusin' – Leaving Of Liverpool - Toes
Shakin´Mix Heel And Toe – Little red book – come dance with me - Rose Garden - Travelin Musik - Ruby Baby - Red Hot Rock'n Roller - Bosa Nova
Shania's Moment Diamond Dixie – East To West -
She Believes Sailing – Stay forever
Shiver and shake Faith in love – Last minute
Shotgun Line Rocking The House
Should I Can´t Stop Loving You
Show Me Yours Rio
Side By Side Crusin' - Lindy Chuffle – Diamond Dixie - County Line Cha Cha - Cowboy Boogie - Shakin Mix
Silver Moon Silver Moon Light -
Silver Moon Light Silver moon – Lindi shuffle
Simplicity Waltz Deeply Completely – Waltz Across Texas – First Waltz -
Sister Kate Sweet Sweet Smile - Hearts & Flowers - Baby Kate -
Skiff A Billy Rose Garden - Doctor Doctor
Sky High Come Dance With Me -
Slow Burn Drizabone – Let´s get saved – Naughty but nice – Peaches & Cream -
Snake Oil Sea Salt Sally
So Glamorous Get Down Get Funky – Little Butterfly – you´re so glamorous – We´re So Glamorous – My Girl Sally
Soluna Tush Push
Some Day If Tomorrow Never Come
Somebody Like You Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo
Something Easy Try This One
Speak to the sky Cowboy Charleston – J´ai Du Boogie – Bread On The Table – T.L.C. -
Spotlight(Smooth WCS) Slippery - Forever And Ever -
Stand By Me Cha Live, Laugh, Love - Cha Cha With Me
Stand On It Living Next Door To Alice - Honky tonk Stomp
Stars in my eyes Honky tonk stomp – Long Gone – Rodeo Hustle
Stealing The Best Pot of gold – Coastin´
Stich It Up Diamond Dixie - T.L.C
Sticks And Stones Sugar And Pai – Side By Side -
Still In Love Fishers Hornpipe
Stroll Along Cha Cha  Just A Kiss - Cruisin
Stupidville Going On
Suds In The Bucket Diamond Dixie – Let´s LeDoux It - Cowgirls Twist
Sugar And Pai  Broken Heart – Diamond Dixie – Cowboy Boogie – Hearts And Flowers – Kill the spiders – Side by side – Show me yours
Sundown Waltz Waltz Across Texas - Rita's Walz
Sweet Addiction Tush Push
Sweet Little Dangerous Ridin' - The Lilt - Who Did You Call Darling
Sweet Nothing Country Walking
Sweet Sweet Smile Maybe I Could - Smokey places
Sweetly Smiles Come Dance With Me - Broken Heart - Cowboy Boogie
Sweetly Smiley Rio
Swinglish Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll
T.L.C. Crazy Little Thing - Come Dance With Me(kvik!!) – Stitch It Up - Tonight’s The Night
T’morrow Never Knows Top Of The World
Tailgate Coastin´
Take A Bow Everybody´s someone – Poetry in motion
Take A Breather Black Coffee - One Step Forward – Come Dance With Me - Lindi Shuffle - Cowboy Boogie
Take These Chains Just My Luck – Kill The Spiders - Lindi Shuffle
Tango Cha Mini Mariana – On The Shelf – Live, Laugh, Love
Teardrops Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo
Tell Me Ma Lindy Shuffle
Tell Me Why Living Next Door To Alice
Thats What We Like No Self Control (med 2 Stamp)
The Angels Cried First Waltz – Simplicity Waltz
The Cleveland Boyz Sticks And Stones – Cupid Shuffle
The Hop Try This One
The Lilt Burning Love – Do Wop Be Do Be Doo
The Real World Waltz Across Texas - Rita's Walz
The Right To Remain Silent Cheeky Charlston - Country 2 Step - Buy Me A Drink
The Smell Of Your Sweet Perfume Heart of an angel – Irish waltz – Waltz Across Texas
The Trail Ghost Train -
The World Country 2 Step - Forever And Ever
Third Rate Romance Mmwaah
This & That Rose Garden - Who Did You Call Darlin' - Stroll Along Cha Cha
This Is Us Long Gone
This Train Devil's Beat
Those Applebottom Jeans Icebreaker – Ain´t got no money – Get Down Get Funky
Time 2 Fly Waltz Across Texas – Rita´s Waltz – Gimme a chance – First waltz – First to let go – Heart Of An Angel
Time Of My Life Ice Breaker
Time To Ride Just stand up – Give it back – Geek in the pink
Time Zone Beer For My Horses
Toes Cowboy Boogie - Take A Breather - Don't You Wish/I Wish - Icebreaker
Too Deep Mickey lollipop - Lollipop
Toot Toot Ghost Train
Totally Nightclub One – I believe – More than a memory
Town Of Hope And Memories Irish Stew - Town Of Hope And Memories "mini"
Travellin´Music Budweiser – Restless Guy – Broken Heart
Trust Me Love To Trust
Trust Me A Little Love To Trust
Tulsa Skies Waltz Across Texas ("hold" på takterne 4 og 8) - svær
Tumbling Rush Laid Back´n Low Key -
Turn Me Loose Kill The Spiders – Looser Still – Come On And Dance -
Under The Sun On The Water
Under Your Spell Rita's Waltz
Up Country Forever And Ever
USA Today Be Strong
Vertical Expression Stroll Along Cha Cha - Lindi Shuffle - Rockin’
Viva La Vida Charanga – On the shelf – Living next door to Alice - Ping Pong Song - Live, Laugh, Love
Vivacious Country Walking
Waiting Heart of an angel – My next love
Wakira Before The Devil
Walk Back To Me  Stroll Along Cha Cha – Rockin´
Walk Of Life All Day Long
Walking Backwards Lindi Shuffel - My Mamacita
Walking In The Rain Hearts And Flowers
Walking The Line Honky Tonk Stomp - Ruby Baby - Eye Candy
Waltz Across Texas First Waltz – 123 waltz – Any waltz!
Wanna Know Why Where We´ve Been – Take a bow – The way – Too much candy
Watcha Wanna do that for Sko & Støvler
Wave On Wave Forever And Ever – Take A Breather - Loverboy
We Believe Jessica´s Jingle
What If We Fly Waltz Across Texas – Heart Of An Angel
What Love Is Crazy foot mambo – Country 2 step
What´s Not To Love Love Trick
Whatcha Reckon Come Dance With Me
When I Cry Broken Heart - Any Way
When It´s Over Can´t Stop Loving You
Where I Belong Bliss!
Where We´ve Been love is alive
Whiskey In The Jar Coastin'
Whiskeys Gone Good Day To Run
White Rose Country 2 Step
Whiter Than White Where We’ve Been
Who Did You Call Darlin´ Ghost Train
Whole Again Rockin´ - Forever And Ever - Lindi Shuffle - Black Coffee
Wild Ponies Got You Too – Waltz Across Texas -
Wish I Knew Honky Tonk Stomp
Wishful Thinking Speak To The Sky
With These Eyes Where We´ve Been
Won´t Be Long Heart of an angel – My next love
Wonderful More than a memory – Love is alive – With these eyes
Work It Out Side By Side
Wrapped Around  Side By Side
You Are The Best East to west – Lindi shuffle – No one´s gonna stop me
You Can't Stop Love  Any Way - Magic Moon
You´re my Destiny Destiny – Stroll Along Cha Cha
You´re The Inspiration Paint me a Birmingham - Wonderful
Your Day Living Next Door To Alice
Your World Like a dream – Am I (no tag/restart) – Enchantment – Sam Cookes – Sweetly Smiles -
Zjozzies Funk Contry Walking – Any Way + tag – Alfie - Sko & Støvler – Derailed – Just my luck – Full Circle + tag – Don´t You Wish - Come Dance With Me